Haircuts and Styling

Feminine Haircut & Styling $150

A personalized appointment to create shape and movement to your desired length. All haircut appointments include a wash, blowout, and styling.

We recommend coming in every 8-12 weeks for a haircut.

Masculine Haircut & Styling $80

Bangs $25

Up-do up to $120

Blow-dry starting at $45

Blow-dry with extension $80

Beach waves starting at $60

Brazilian Keratin starting at $200

The famous Brazilian Keratin treatment uses a sealing product that reduces hair volume, eliminates frizz and provides more controlled and straight hair strands for up to at least 40 washes.

    • Benefits:

Nourishes the hair • Keeps hair straight and smooth • Sulfate, paraben, paraffin and salt FREE • Gives your hair the perfect balance • Prevents hair loss and hair brokerage

    • What hair types does it work on?

Can be used on all hair types, including chemically treated hair (colored, permed, relaxed, straightened, highlighted and bleached). Provides excellent results on Latinx, Caucasian, Asian, Middle Eastern hair.

Hair Extensions

DC Miracle Tied Hair Extensions starting at $450

Hair Extension Service: Achieve our signature looks by adding volume, length or both! Each extension service is completely custom and will require a consultation & deposit.

Miracle Tied Maintenance starting at $80

Coloring, hair treatment and blow-dry included.


  • Treatment and blow-dry are always included in all the following services:

Color starting at $200

Major color change in one sitting.

If box color is in the hair, please refer to the color correction category. Pricing is based on time and product used during service and pricing may vary.

Highlights in color starting at $290

A multi-dimensional look with the lowest maintenance. This technique will grow out seamlessly. The look can be very natural, all the way to extremely high contrast. Our clients love our lived-in looks for the seamless blend of color, the incredible dimension, and the infrequent touch-ups.

We recommend that lived-in hair returns to the salon every 12 weeks for touch ups.

Full Highlights - Californian Blonde starting at $310

A more monochromatic blonde look with a root shadow. This is a technique for clients that want a bright look from roots to ends with a soft grow out. Our clients love our California Blondes for their extreme brightness, blended root, and seamlessly grow out.

We recommend California blonde return to the salon every 10-12 weeks for touch ups.

Highlights Retouch $260

This is a maintenance service to touch up highlights for clients returning every (maximum of) 90 days ONLY 

Balayage starting at $290

A technique that creates a multi-dimensional look with low maintenance. When you balayage the hair you are open air hand painting the color onto the hair. The look that balayage creates is a very soft and blended look, creating a sun-kissed effect. This technique is great for clients that want to keep their hair looking very natural despite coloring.

We recommend coming in every 12 weeks for touch ups.

Face Frame OR Half Head Highlights $220

The perfect maintenance appointment after your full highlights color. This service is ideal for clients who have previously had their color done 12 weeks prior. A face frame is a bright front hairline look that can be personalized to be higher contrast or subtle. Also known as a “money-piece”.

We recommend lived-in face frames to come every 10-12 weeks in between full highlights appointments to extend longevity.

Color Roots Retouch $150

This is a maintenance service to touch up roots between services or mostly used for clients who require gray coverage. Finished with blow-dry.

Gloss & Toning Session starting at $150

This service is an express visit and is used to enhance or tone your existing hair color! This service is perfect for in between full sessions! Finished with a blow-dry.

Not for grey coverage.

Color Correction $410

Color correction involves fixing the hair and achieve the desired effect on client hair.


Hair treatment services starting at $80

Treats into a softer, shinier and healthier hair.

    • Wella 
    • K18 
    • Sebastian 
    • Schwarzkopf 
    • Olaplex